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“Botox” and other cosmetic neurotoxins cause temporary paralysis of the forehead and brow muscles, and improve the appearance of wrinkles. Most people don’t know that this wonderful adjunct to cosmetic surgery can make drooping eyelids worse.

One of the most frequent complaints I hear from women as they get older is that putting on eye shadow becomes more and more of a challenge. As the years pass the skin of the upper lid becomes more redundant, creating a formidable task. Different application techniques have been tried unsuccessfully, the pull, the stretch, even wishing for a third hand.  Then the caking and smudging that results can get you a part on “The Walking Dead”. The problem is real, and it continues to progress. What can you do???

Here is an example: So you are a smart cosmopolitan woman, and want to fight the aging battle. Immediately you turn to the “non-surgical” miracle. “Botox”, “Dysport” or whatever toxin “du jour” is available. You grab your “Groupon voucher” and run to your favorite dermatologist, spa, dentist, internist, OB/GYN, hairdresser, friend of a friend, to be done in their house, and who used to be a doctor or a nurse somewhere…. just to get the magic cure. Just a few “lunchtime injections” and voila!! Your forehead is so smooth, but your eyelids are now worse than ever.  And!! Your paralyzed forehead can’t raise your brows, even if you were reading the winning ‘Lotto” ticket.  So you run back to your “expert” and explain the problem. Their usual answers follow, “mmm”, “I think you’re exaggerating”, “It will settle in a few days”, “but you look great!!”, “the friend of a friend left town”.

Fortunately the effects of this mistake wears off in about three to four months, and you’re back to square one.

The reality is that most of these “experts” will not analyze your eyelid problem properly, and will actually cause more harm than good.

So be smart…

From a plastic surgeon’s perspective the easiest and most successful solution to the problem is the upper lid rejuvenation, AKA in the industry as an upper lid “blepharoplasty”. The word “blepharoplasty” comes from the Greek words “blepharon”, meaning eyelid, and “plasty” meaning to change or mold. This is a simple, minimally invasive procedure that takes about thirty minutes to perform. There is no need for general anesthesia. The results are beautiful rejuvenated eyelids that can tolerate the potential negative effects of Botox.

It is relatively inexpensive, painless, and the recovery time is minimal. Some cold compresses, dark glasses for a few days, and back to makeup in a week.

So before you make a costly mistake, go see a real expert, with the right skill to properly analyze your issues and help you achieve the results you want. Then your forehead, and eye shadow, can look great.

Dr Jose M. Soler Baillo

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