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“So you need a breast lift”
To implant or not to implant?
That! Is the question.

This is one of the most important choices a woman will ever make in a plastic surgery procedure.  Understanding the options, and potential outcomes of each procedure, will help women make smarter choices.

After making the decision to have a breast lift, choosing to place a breast implant at the time of surgery becomes a critical decision for a good outcome.  If the supporting skin is thin and stretched out indicating a weak support system, my advice is to perform the breast lift without an implant.  After 18 years of experience performing this operation, I’ve learned that the quality of the skin, should be the deciding factor for use an implant. After the scars heal well a “small” implant can be discussed for more fullness.

The appeal of using a breast implant at the time of the operation is obvious, and easy to sell.  The promise of the larger, fuller, perkier breast is almost an irresistible option. Living in Miami doesn’t help!

The downside is the heaviness of the implant continuing to stretch the remaining damaged skin. After only a few months the heavy implants will stretch the skin and the breasts will sag again. Furthermore, the extra tension on the incisions will often cause wider more visible scars, and increase the risks of the surgery. This situation can result in multiple re-operations and potential strife between the patient and surgeon. The patient feels that she has not received what she hoped and paid for, and is usually disappointed with the results.  After multiple operations she eventually gives in and accepts her fate.  Living with heavier breasts that look good in a brassiere, but still sag.

The same holds true for the woman in “the gray zone” her breasts are deflated, doesn’t need a lift, but wants perkier breasts. She gets sold on the larger implant that will “fill” the space, and give her the breasts she’s been dreaming about. Again, although the plan sounds ideal, the reality are large sagging breasts in a short time.  A much different result than the playboy centerfold breasts that was expecting. Sometimes a smaller implant is better in this situation. The initial result will not be as perky, or as full. The upside is less weight on the breasts, and less sagging over time.

In the last five years, I have performed most breast lifts without implants. I’ve found the results to be extremely satisfying for both my patients and me. Using modern techniques to create a natural support system provides extremely natural and long lasting results.

Hopefully this information will shed some light on a very important decision. Make sure you consider all the options before rushing into a long lasting, expensive, mistake.

Dr. Soler

Jose M. Soler-Baillo M.D., M.S

Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

South Miami, Florida

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