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One of the interesting facts about Miami is that it has one of the most electrically active atmospheres in the world. I’m not talking about the nightlife. Lightning strikes this fun town thousands of times every year, unfortunately causing several deaths. Having great experience with lightning, most Floridians have learned how to decrease their chances of being struck. During a thunderstorm common sense takes over, we get indoors, we don’t stand under a tree, some even skip the 18th hole. Why? Because we have, in some crude way, noticed the statistics of lightning strikes. Then I wonder, why do people risk their lives every day undergoing cosmetic surgery procedures in mass production surgery centers?

I’m not pointing fingers here, I’m just pointing out that cosmetic surgery can be a rewarding experience, but all surgery carries risk. Cosmetic surgery complications are rare, and those resulting in death is even rarer. Thousands of people are flocking to Miami from around the world to experience the boon of cosmetic surgery. Most of these beauty pilgrims are attracted by the amazingly low prices here. The product of warring cosmetic surgery centers that continue to stab at each other’s hearts with yet a more affordable price. Some board certified plastic surgeons are violating the code of ethics using questionable marketing strategies in order to attract patients.

Mass production, performed by detached physicians, guided by unscrupulous businessmen is a veritable lightning rod. In the constant effort to control costs, many centers start cutting back on a very important part of the equation, safety. Just think of it this way, when you have gotten the best price anywhere for your procedure, just imagine where the center has cut costs in order to provide you with that amazing price.

Here is a little advice:

Do your homework. Just because a friend had a procedure at a high volume center, and did OK, doesn’t mean you will be as lucky.

Go to the ASPS website, and get educated on who should perform your procedure and what certifications the facility should have. Do a bit of research on their track record, and read reviews (the good, the bad, and the ugly).

An infection can set you back thousands of dollars in lost work time, and further medical expenses. A botched job can cost you triple to fix. So now that really cheap surgery has become very expensive. Unfortunately, some have paid with their lives. So by all means come to Miami to enjoy more affordable plastic surgery, just be very, very, careful where you stand.

Dr. J.M. Soler-Baillo (Dr. Results)

Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

Miami, FL

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