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The Holistic Mommy Makeover, a great confidence booster after Divorce.

As I pilot my glider over the everglades the sense of freedom, peace, and tranquility is indescribable. I associate those feelings with wellness. The opposite feeling of wellness has to be what one experience before, during, and after a nasty divorce (especially when kids are involved). The unpleasantness of constantly having to deal with someone that is looking to make your life harder, can create daily gloom. The inability to fully remove yourself from a toxic situation creates high levels of stress. This is common for men as it is for women. Guys, let me clarify that I am NOT picking sides here.

Regardless, out of the need for love and companionship, divorcees begin the task of taking better care of themselves with the hope of finding a new relationship. I can truly tell you that this is one area where a holistic approach to wellness really helps.

Miami-Dade county has the second highest divorce rate in the country. There are over 500,000 divorcees out there. Women lead the men in that statistic. Being a single mom makes dating a logistical disaster. Furthermore, many women have suffered significant physical change from having children. This compounds the problem. So when date night arrives, out-come the “spanks”, the girdles, and the latest “Victoria’s Secret” anti-gravity device. Stuffing the stigmata of bringing new life to the world in to a spandex mold. The superficiality of Miami creates an even higher hurdle. The boobs have to be so big, and don’t get me started on the butts. I’m starting to think that “Kim K “would feel bottom deficient in this town.

The mommy makeover is the general term for surgically improving the damage caused by having children. The deflated sagging breasts are improved by a breast augmentation, or breast lift. The abdomen can be helped by a bikini tummy tuck, with or without some curve defining liposculpture. Since I have a holistic approach to wellness, I like to incorporate my nutritional program into the mix. Older patients can benefit from bioidentical hormone replacement.

Granted, safety is a huge concern for anyone having surgery. This is where you have to do your homework. Make sure you choose your plastic surgeon wisely. He/She should be board certified by The American Board of Plastic Surgery. The surgical facility should be accredited by a reputable credentialing body such as AAAASF.

From a psychological perspective I totally understand that true beauty comes from within. I am also realistic about the power of a positive self-image. I believe the feeling of once again belonging to the “attractive group” can truly help in this recovery period.

So as you single moms do homework, science projects, take the kids to the orthodontist, afterschool, and weekend sports, take a minute to analyze your own wellness level. Ultimately you will be a much better parent if you feel great about yourself.

Dr.  J.M. Soler-Baillo

Plastic Surgeon

South Miami, FL

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