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As we all know, there are some positions that get the job done right. The position dictates the ease of movement the right angles, and the intimacy with the subject matter. Great positioning allows for clarity of vision, proper manipulation, and effortless yet firm execution. A really good position allows for efficiency, accuracy, and a tremendous endpoint. Yes, of course I am talking about liposculpture.

Positioning patients during a liposculpting procedure can make the difference between a poor and an amazing result. The best example that I can give you is a woman’s waistline. The intoxicating three dimensional curve that flows from a woman’s ribcage and winds its way to her hips reminds me of what a great sculptor God can be.

Sculpting the waistline can be a daunting task if attempted from the wrong position. Most commonly, inexperienced surgeons will address this area from a supine (face up) or a prone (face down) position. This technique will get the job done, but is not optimal for three dimensional shaping. The angles that can be achieved from these positions are limited as is the ability of the surgeon to properly assess endpoint of the sculpting.

The face down position is also the most dangerous position to be in during a surgery. Anesthesia providers loathe the prone (face down) position. As you can imagine limited access to the airway, and pressure points on critical structures like the eyes makes the procedure riskier.

The ideal position for beautiful consistent results is the side position. When you get a chance try this. Lay on you back, and then face down. Try to imagine shaping your waist from these positions. Soon you will begin to notice that it is very hard to work on the front or the back simultaneously. Now, turn on your side. There, appreciate your waistline in all its beauty. The curve becomes apparent. Fully exposed and inviting the sculptor to perform his art.  Imagine the ease of shaping this area in three dimensions.

The side position for liposculpture is the optimal way to achieve reliable and reproducible great results. I have performed my liposculptures in this fashion for fifteen years. I have seen other surgeons use, and I have tried the other positions, only to be disappointed. My background in painting and sculpting guides me in many of the cosmetic procedures that I perform. So when you pick your plastic surgeon, make sure he’s a true artist, and that he knows your best positions.

J. M. Soler-Baillo M.D., M.S.

Plastic Surgeon

Miami, Florida

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